I remember as a youth being so excited about my cousins having saved enough money between them all as boys to acquire a telescope. I remember that summer night going to their house to see the rings of Saturn for the first time. The oak trees nearby were full of locusts that chirped loudly as boys carried the telescope out like it was the treasure of Solomon with much pomp and ceremony. Each of us waited impatiently to peer into space for the first time. That was 35 years ago.

I have created a You tube video of some rarely seen deep space photos from Hubble and a few that you may have seen.

The Hubble was sent into space in 1990 . Here the astronauts are correcting the optics.

A before and after of the correction to the optics on Hubble
The Hubble Telescope was named after Edwin Hubble. An American Astronomer who proposed an expanding universe. Anyone can apply for the ability to use the telescope regardless of nationality, but it is very competitive. The telescope has been very beneficial for astronomy but I'm sure is incalculable in fueling the imagination of countless youth ,myself once included.